Building Better Runners Program


This program; which was specifically designed by the team at The Runner’s Academy, will help to refine run mechanics, increase strength, power and speed potential and help to increase resiliency from injuries.

Independent of your goals, we will take you through a full discussion of your previous health and exercise history, perform a movement and strength assessment, and carry out a full video gait analysis.  From this assessment, we will determine your personal areas for improvement and discuss how this will relate back to your personal goals.

Throughout the sessions that follow; you will be taken through a step by step process to refine your own technique and address areas where you can improve on strength and mobility.

Through constant video feedback and weekly homework given, we will help you integrate your new cues into your runs and guide you through the changes to your form as your body adapts.

This personalized program has been developed to help address any weaknesses, imbalances, and amplify to your strengths.  Whether you are just getting into running or have been running for years; let us help you maximize your potential!





Building Better Runners Program is offered by the following therapists at The Runner’s Academy:


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