Nemanja Sambaher


MSc. Exercise Physiology, CPT


Head of Strength and Conditioning

Nemanja Sambaher is a Registered Kinesiologist (Reg. Kin) with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario, and holds a Master’s degree in Kinesiology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. He is also a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and published author.

Nem has worked with a wide variety of clientele – from amateur to professional athletes, and from adolescent to elderly individuals. To help his clients reach their full potential, Nem takes a holistic approach to training, implementing the best of biomechanics, neuromuscular physiology, motor learning, functional anatomy and bioenergetics. In order to maximize this process, Nem takes into account each clients’ unique physiology, joint structure, and body type. By doing this, there is a simultaneous improvement in performance, health and fitness – no matter the client or training goal.

In addition to working with clients, Nem continues to research and write about the best and most effective training methods for optimizing performance, fitness, and health. His work has been featured online and in high-impact science journals. Nem writes about a wide variety of topics related to exercise science: performance enhancement, running biomechanics, strength and conditioning, injury rehabilitation, muscle building and fat loss, nutrition, and supplementation.