About Us


We are a new health and wellness studio providing a one-stop-shop for the therapy and training needs of all levels of runners in the community. Our tagline: LEARN.MOVE.RUN indicates our mission in order of importance to us.

First is education (LEARN). Education for our clients, education for our staff/team, and education for us and our colleagues in the Allied health field. Second is movement, (MOVE). Movement is extremely important for the human body and movement as exercise is extremely beneficial for one’s health. We also have a passion for teaching those in pain or those who wish to enhance performance or sport, how to improve their mechanics and movement. And third is the physical act of running.

We are passionate about running and know that running has been and will be, a popular form of exercise and movement for years to come. The Runner’s Academy was founded on these concepts and strives to enhance the lives and performance of our future clients.



The Runner’s Academy is a health and wellness studio offering Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Personal Training and Run Technique Coaching. The Runner’s Academy is targeting the running community of all skill levels and ages, by bringing education, treatment and performance training to this specific clientele.

We will teach you how to Move better and Run faster!