Anti-Gravity Treadmill

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This state of the art treadmill is an amazing device and, using patented technology developed by NASA, allows you to exercise and move at a lighter weight! The Alter-G has the capacity to aid during the rehabilitation of a lower limb injury or simply get you through a nice easy long run.

Through the Alter-G’s unique technology, you can lower your bodyweight by increments of 1% with the ability to unweight yourself up to a maximum of 80%.  For more information visit

Training for Runners

The Alter-G is the ultimate tool for runners! It allows a runner to practice technique, incorporate over-speed or barefoot training at a fraction of their body weight, enhancing the neuromuscular patterning of running.

Functional Injury Recovery

The Alter-G aids in the recovery of injury by allowing our clients to move, walk or run pain free sooner than normally possible. We are then able to progressively increase the load in 1% increments back to normal body weight!

This one of a kind treadmill offers a different approach to technique training, performance, recovery and therapy. Whether you are starting a new training plan, or recovering from your recent race, this treadmill has much to offer!

55min                                 | $40.00+HST

Package of 10 (55min)   | $320.00+HST

25min                                 | $25.00+HST 

Package of 10 (25min)   | $200.00+HST

1 Month Unlimited Use | $195.00+HST

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