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The chiropractic team at The Runner’s Academy uses a goal based approach to care. This means we first listen to you to understand what your goal actually is, whether it is getting out of pain, being able to move easier, run a marathon or just a kilometer. Once the goal is understood we can assess the key variables that are preventing or promoting you in achieving your goal. During the assessment, the variables that we may look at are joint and muscle function, movement patterns and if you are a runner; a video run technique analysis.

The plan of management will then reflect your goals and will focus on teaching you how to maintain your health throughout.

Our team is constantly learning and staying up to date with the most advanced and effective tools and modalities for treatment. These include: Soft tissue and Active Release Techniques, Neuro-functional Acupuncture, Joint mobilizations and manipulations, sports taping, custom bracing/orthotics, active movement therapy. If you are a runner, gait-retraining through our Building Better Runners protocol is also included.

Doctors of Chiropractic are trained to assess, diagnose and treat various musco-skeletal issues throughout the entire body. Our chiropractors also work within our interdisciplinary setup, communicating with our physiotherapists, massage therapists, kinesiologists and personal trainers in order to formulate the best options for your treatment. Using our goal based approach to care we hope to empower our patients to live a more active and healthy life.

Treatment/Initial Assessment (60min)      | $150.00 

Follow-Up Treatment (30min)                       | $95.00 

Follow-Up Treatment (60min)                       | $150.00 

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Chiropractic Therapy is offered by the following therapists at The Runner’s Academy.