Race Ready Recovery

August 11, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
The Runner's Academy Ltd.
918 Saint Clair Avenue West
$120+hst (Full Six Week Package) OR $25+hst (Drop-in Rate)
The Runner's Academy Ltd.


Recover! Recover! Recover!

At some point in your running journey, you have either heard those words from a coach, health practitioner, teammate, or have read online the importance of incorporating recovery into your training.

At The Runner’s Academy, we firmly believe that recovery should be a major priority in your running journey.

Every day you require different performance demands, whether it be working on the next merger with your company, making sure you’re on time to pick up the kids from school, or even what’s on the menu for dinner. Our busy lives constantly place us in a state of ‘fight or flight’- our primitive sympathetic nervous system which controls our stress responses to different stimuli – putting most of us on high alert until the time we hit our pillow. If we are constantly in a state of ‘fight or flight’ we are not recovering well and this can make training for your race more challenging.

But, in our busy lives, where do we find the time to incorporate a regular recovery routine?

That’s where Race Ready Recovery comes in. Our team has come to the rescue and designed this six week recovery program for busy runners, like you!


  • A six week program focusing on recovery for runners.
  • 60 minute instructor-led classes, once a week



The Runner’s Academy Ltd.

918 St. Clair Ave West


Sundays at 1PM


August 11th, 2019.


$120+hst – full six week program

$25+hst – drop-in rate


  • Rolling techniques for trigger points (lacrosse ball, foam roller)
  • Functional mobility drills
  • Breathing techniques


Call or email us to register!


MEET THE INSTRUCTOR: Jake Carroll (@snakerjaker96)

Q: When did you first start running?

A: Well I first started running competitively in elementary school. I joined my first club in grade 8 and have been running competitively ever since. I now compete for the University of Toronto and Toronto West Athletics.


Q: What distances do you compete in?

A: It’s different depending on the season I’m training in. Fall season is cross-country season so I’m training for 8k and 10k distances. Winter season is indoor track season so I train for the 800m, 1k, 1500m, and 3k. During the spring and the beginning of summer I train for the same distances for outdoor season. During the latter half of summer I start building my running volume again for the fall season.


Q: Where and what are you studying?

A: I am currently heading into my 5th year studying Kinesiology at the University of Toronto. U of T offers a placement opportunity for 3rd and 4th year students. I was fortunate enough that Kris and Janie gave me the opportunity to work a student-placement position at TRA this past year.


Q: Why do you run?

A: That’s a tough question haha. I guess I first asked myself that question a few years ago when I was managing a major injury of mine. Sometimes you realize how good something is once you have lost it. I went 3 years without running and at the start I really didn’t mind. It was a good break, but after watching my teammates succeed and showing up to a few practices I realized how much I missed the competitiveness and camaraderie in the sport of running. You can really find meaning through an injury. So to answer the question I guess I run to compete, enjoy the suffering with some camaraderie, and learn more about myself along the journey.