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Run Video Analysis For Runners

More and more people are running these days and here at The Runner’s Academy, we believe that running is definitely a skill.  So, whether you are just starting out on your new found running experience or have been running for years, we think that understanding your own mechanics is very important.  Perhaps you have not given your run technique much thought, but you are now experiencing discomfort with running or a specific injury.  Perhaps you are a new runner; in which case, we also love to be able to show those of you how to move and run well right from the get go!  With the goal of creating stronger and more injury resilient runners, our run video analysis can indicate biomechanical issues, postural and alignment concerns, and simple fixes that can be easily implemented into your run technique and training.

The Runner’s Academy Process

Our therapists have a keen eye and look at the whole picture when it comes to helping you change or improve your mechanics.  This will always involve assessing the way you move on and off of the treadmill!  Once we have a good overall picture of what is going on, we can then give recommendations on how to make changes.  By empowering you, the client, through education our goal is to help you understand the best steps to take towards improving your running, health, and overall wellness.

Dos & Don’ts For Your Run Video Analysis 

  • Do bring your run apparel and shoes
  • Do wear a top that is a different colour than your bottoms
  • Do expect to run on our treadmill
  • Do expect to run for between 5-10mins total
  • Don’t forget your running shoes
  • Don’t wear black on black
  • Don’t forget to smile 🙂

Video Analysis + Assessment  | $150.00

Follow Up Sessions                     |  $95.00

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Run Video Analysis is offered by the following therapists at The Runner’s Academy.