What was, just a few weeks ago, thought of as a newer and underused form of client/practitioner interaction is now a huge part of our lives; but what is Telehealth exactly?

Telehealth is a way for you to access chiropractic and physiotherapy care from the comfort of your own home via telecommunication.  The Runner’s Academy is using our electronic medical record system (Clinic Master) for Telehealth which meets the standards for health care and privacy of information.

While the current global pandemic is forcing people to stay home, it does not mean anyone has to go without quality care and focused rehabilitation. Telehealth has proven to be an effective alternative to in-person treatment across several health care services and is now going mainstream as practitioners find new and creative ways to address the needs of our patients.

Although our practitioners are not able to do any type of manual therapy or acupuncture through Telehealth, there is still a lot that can be accomplished in a session.  Our years of education and experience allow our eyes to be just as powerful as our hands.  At The Runner’s Academy we are very attuned to watching our clients move and run, and so we thoroughly believe Telehealth to be a very effective alternative for receiving treatment.

During a Telehealth session we can look at movement and track symptoms based on a client’s response.  We can also have the client perform various tests that we are trained to assign and come up with a plan of action to move you forward.

What we can help with:

  • Check in on injury/pain/movement
  • Education re: injury/training/exercise
  • Assess movement and injury status
  • Prescribe and progress active care
  • Inform on self care tactics and methods
  • Advise on next steps

Our goal is always to give power to the client and to provide the necessary tools and advice for effective care; Telehealth allows us to continue doing just that.

Walk me through a session:

The practitioner will send a private link to access the session right before it begins.  Click the link and a video screen will show up.  You will be connected and able to see your practitioner immediately.

Just as if you were in clinic, the practitioner will ask you various questions to determine what might be going on.  From there you will move to a physical exam.  The practitioner can assess movement through watching you do things like range of motion movements, squats, lunges, walking.  You may also be asked to demonstrate the aggravating movements.  From there the practitioner will educate you on what they believe to be the key issues.

Next you will likely go through various treatments.  This may consist of strength or mobility exercises, self care such as rolling or self massage.  Throughout the session you may be asked to re-test the original aggravating movement to see if there is improvement.  This will help to narrow down the exact cause and how to further address it.

To follow up the practitioner will then send you a plan either through Physiotec or a personal video and, as always, it is your responsibility to do the homework!

The benefit of Telehealth appointments taking place in your own home means that we can come up with a plan that will work for you in your home setting.

What do you need to have a successful Telehealth session?

You should be dressed for movements, or as if you were going for a run.  Ideally have enough space to roll out a yoga mat.  Tools that can be helpful are; a foam roller, stretching rope, lacrosse ball/yoga tune-up ball, exercise bands.  However, even if you do not have these items there are things around your house that can be substituted to help.

Why do we like Telehealth?

Taking on Telehealth has been an exciting challenge for us, using our knowledge and experience in a new and different way.  Of course, with anything new there is some adaptation that must happen but ultimately that is how we grow!  We are certain that Telehealth will help us to become even better practitioners and will help us to serve even more clients at their convenience.

Telehealth is here to stay.  It is an effective treatment option that we believe will stay beyond this global pandemic of 2020.  Legislation and insurance have already expedited their policies in order to match the current clients’ needs.  As always, be sure to contact your insurance provider to see if you are covered.

The aim with Telehealth is to treat your issues not just give you a moment of relief until you can come for an in person visit.  The goal remains to resolve the problem in a complete and lasting way and give YOU, the client, the tools to help yourself.
We cannot wait to help and empower you.

BONUS at The Runner’s Academy we are also doing run gait analysis.  In this case we would have you send us your running videos and we will go through it with you during the session.  We send you clear instructions as to how to get the best video you can.

Further information regarding Telehealth:

At this time Chiropractors can only see existing patients.

Physiotherapist can see existing and new patients.
Both Chiropractors and Physiotherapists can only see patients for Telehealth that reside within the province in which the practitioner is licensed; so at The Runner’s Academy that would be Ontario.

We also provide Psychotherapy and Naturopathic Medicine via Telehealth.

To book an appointment email: info@therunnersacademy.com

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