Naturopathic Medicine

Finding what is right for you starts with understanding what is going on inside you!  We use science driven data to help optimize a plan unique to your physiology.  Change can be hard, let us help guide you!

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step 1

Step 1


Assessment- How do you live your life and what are you working towards?

Are you trying to boost energy & improve mood?  Lose weight? Or crush your next goal?

Step 2

Step 2


Let’s understand what’s going on inside.

Based on the Assessment we will determine what biomarkers need to be analyzed.


Step 3


A science driven personalized plan put into action.

Follow up and delivery of the plan.  Based on the data from the assessment and biomarkers.

Step 4

Step 4


Track your progress and reassess!

We will guide you towards your health or performance goals by helping you track changes.

Blood work can be an incredibly valuable tool for assessing both health and performance capacity. Listed below are common blood panels that cover a vast majority of biomarkers which can give insight into why you are experiencing your health concern and how they may be resolved.

Healthy Living Assessment

The healthy living assessment includes biomarkers for liver, kidney, blood, electrolyte, heart and metabolic health.

This panel is for anyone trying to gain insight into their general health as well as for athletes looking to improve their health and performance.

Inflammation panel

The inflammation panel gives insight into general inflammation you may be experiencing.

Inflammation can be associated with gut health integrity, hormone production/use, weight gain, cardiovascular health deterioration and mood disorders.

Fatigue Panel

The fatigue panel can give important insight on the cause of your fatigue. The biomarkers being tested will help assess whether your cause of fatigue is due to blood disorders such as anemia, infections or thyroid issues.

Nutrient Panel

The Nutrient Panel may be recommended when nutrient deficiency is suspected, malabsorption is suspected, urine essential elements are abnormal or whenever deficiencies or insufficiencies of key minerals are suspected.

Hematology Panel

The Hematology Assessment provides insight into common markers of blood health. 

Typically it is recommended in the presence of suspected anemias, nutritional deficiencies or any conditions related to blood health (e.g. infections, leukemias, clotting disorders).

This is a very common workup for patients experiencing unexplained fatigue.

Masculine Health Panel

The Men’s Health provides insight via the biomarkers most relevant to men’s health. 

These biomarkers are important for assessing general health of both athlete’s and non-athletes alike.

Feminine Fertility Panel

The Female Fertility Panel provides insight into the most common hormone abnormalities that can affect fertility.

This panel is valuable for people trying to become pregnant, or who have had trouble with pregnancy.

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