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Naturopathic doctors are trained to recognize and diagnose diseases and health conditions, conduct diagnostic physical exams and run and interpret most blood and lab work. Naturopathic doctors are dedicated to thoroughly understanding what your experience of health is and what specific goals you want to achieve. They are skilled at seeing your health as a big picture and finding links between different systems in the body that may be stopping you from achieving your goals and a state of balance and wellness.

The naturopathic doctor will create an evidence-based treatment plan that is made for your own unique needs that is approachable, safe and practical. Some examples of treatments that naturopathic doctors often recommend are nutritional changes, botanical medicine, vitamin and/or mineral supplements, changes to lifestyle habits and traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture.

Using their holistic and research-based approach to health, our naturopathic doctor hopes to offer you a welcoming healing environment where your health concerns can be heard in totality. Naturopathic medicine aims to heal the whole person body, mind and soul.


Initial Assessment  | $195.00

Follow Up Treatment 30 min  | $95.00
Follow Up Treatment 45 min  | $125.00

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Naturopathic Medicine is offered by the following doctor at The Runner’s Academy.