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Osteopathy is very gentle and takes a holistic approach to healing as it focuses on the body as a whole. Manual Osteopaths work on the spine, joints, muscles, soft tissue, organs and the Central Nervous System. Since Manual Osteopaths treat so many of the body’s structures, they can treat a variety of different conditions and pain. Some of the most common ones are back pain (low, middle and upper), neck pain/headaches/migraines, digestive issues, postural issues, PMS, shoulder conditions (frozen shoulder, AC joint pain, rotator cuff issues, subacromial impingement etc.), tight muscles, chronic pain conditions (such as Fibromyalgia) and sports injuries.

Other goals and benefits from Osteopathic treatment are increased range of motion, decreased joint and muscle stiffness, increased flexibility, enhanced immune system function, better athletic performance, more energy and relaxation.

**** Please note that we are unable to bill Osteopathy directly to any insurance companies.  Many insurance plans WILL cover Osteopathy, and you will be able to submit your receipt.  Please check your own insurance plan as all plans are slightly different.

Treatment/Initial Assessment (60min)      | $150.00 + HST

Treatment (45 min)                                             | $125.00 + HST

Treatment (30min)                                              | $95.00 + HST

Treatment (75min)                                              | $185.00 + HST

Treatment (90min)                                              | $210.00 + HST

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Osteopathy is offered by the following therapists at The Runner’s Academy.