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What was, just a few weeks ago, thought of as a newer and underused form of client/practitioner interaction is now a huge part of our lives; but what is Telehealth exactly?

Telehealth is a way for you to access chiropractic and physiotherapy care from the comfort of your own home via telecommunication.  The Runner’s Academy is using our electronic medical record system (Clinic Master) for Telehealth which meets the standards for health care and privacy of information.

While the current global pandemic is forcing people to stay home, it does not mean anyone has to go without quality care and focused rehabilitation. Telehealth has proven to be an effective alternative to in-person treatment across several health care services and is now going mainstream as practitioners find new and creative ways to address the needs of our patients.

Although our practitioners are not able to do any type of manual therapy or acupuncture through Telehealth, there is still a lot that can be accomplished in a session.  Our years of education and experience allow our eyes to be just as powerful as our hands.  At The Runner’s Academy we are very attuned to watching our clients move and run, and so we thoroughly believe Telehealth to be a very effective alternative for receiving treatment.

During a Telehealth session we can look at movement and track symptoms based on a client’s response.  We can also have the client perform various tests that we are trained to assign and come up with a plan of action to move you forward.

What we can help with:

  • Check in on injury/pain/movement
  • Education re: injury/training/exercise
  • Assess movement and injury status
  • Prescribe and progress active care
  • Inform on self care tactics and methods
  • Advise on next steps

Our goal is always to give power to the client and to provide the necessary tools and advice for effective care; Telehealth allows us to continue doing just that.

More info?

You can contact us at (437) 889-5440 or leave your contact information below. Of course you can always visit us, check our hours and address here.


Tele-health is offered by the following therapists at The Runner’s Academy.